Serenity Withdrawal Unit Labyrinth-''Diving Deep''

Rockingham, WA

Residents report walking this ocean-blue and beach-sand coloured labyrinth as an ''earthing '' experience, discharging the restless energy of their withdrawal symptoms.

Contact Details

Rodney Hatch
0410 729 072

About the Area

This coastal setting allows the visitor to experience the beaches, sailing, the penguins and swimming with the dolphins.

Labyrinth Details

Type: Classical
Access: Restricted
Opening Schedule: Appointment
Category: Hospital, Hospice, or Healthcare
Materials: Painted Concrete
Designer: Rodney Ian Hatch
Builder: Rodney Ian & Marilyn Chilese Hatch
Install Year: 2017

Location Details

163 Kent Street, Rockingham, WA

Labyrinth Trail: Perth and Surrounds Region