Trail: Melbourne Metro Region

10 Labyrinths in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area

  1. Northcote Uniting Church - Chalice
  2. Description: This labyrinth is painted on the wooden floor of the church.

    Address: 249 High Street, Northcote

    Contact Name: Rev. Peter Batten

    Phone: 61 3 9482 2884

  3. Labyrinth of Divinity
  4. Description: This 7 circuit Classic Labyrinth, created with bluestone pavers and grass, is surrounded with stones from all over the world. Underneath the labyrinth is a crystal grid.

    Address: 82 Macorna Street, Watsonia North

    Contact Name: Rose Dee

    Phone: 0419 008 405

  5. Labyrinth Cottage Emerald
  6. Description: This 7 circuit 10 metre diameter Classic Labyrinth is in a stunning setting within the private garden of a holiday rental property in Emerald, Victoria

    Address: 6 Station Ave, Emerald

    Contact Name: Yolanda Sirajuddin

    Phone: 0413 611 313

  7. Henwood labyrinth
  8. Description: River stone labyrinth neo-medieval mirror path 7 circuit from a design by Lars Howlett. Set in beautiful bushland overlooking water.

    Address: 10 Skardons Road, Cottles bridge

    Contact Name: Amanda Owen

    Phone: 0431 292884

  9. Southern Community Church of Christ
  10. Description: Simple brick 5-circuit labyrinth by the road, open at all times.

    Address: 8 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham

    Contact Name: Steve Jackson

    Phone: (03) 9584 8499

  11. Ascot Vale Uniting Church
  12. Description: This Labyrinth is a simple spiral design constructed with a brick edging,gravel path and decorative plants

    Address: 60 Maribyrnong Road, Moonee Ponds

    Contact Name: Gordon Bannon

    Phone: 0417 037 450

  13. Stillwaters Reflection
  14. Description: A 5 circuit labyrinth painted on concrete. Suitable for individuals or small groups.

    Address: 13 A Faraday Road, Croydon South

    Contact Name: Beth Holman

    Phone: 0434720732

  15. Melbourne Reiki Centre
  16. Description: This Centre uses the labyrinth in its meditation classes,private bookings, workshops and are also available for hire

    Address: 105 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn

    Contact Name: Deborah Dalziel

    Phone: 61 3 9818 2030

  17. Melbourne Reiki Centre
  18. Description: This Centre uses the labyrinth in its meditation classes,private bookings, workshops and are also available for hire

    Address: 105 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn

    Contact Name: Deborah Dalziel

    Phone: 61 3 9818 2030

  19. St Faith's Anglican Church
  20. Description: This Chartres brick paver labyrinth is located in the Church courtyard.

    Address: 4 Charles Street, Glen Iris

    Contact Name: Parish Office

    Phone: 61 3 9889 5086

  21. Private Property
  22. Description: Natural labyrinth with gravel paths and plants forming the pattern.

    Address: 12 Toulon Drive, Templestowe Lower

    Contact Name: Mary Edgar

    Phone: 61 3 9855 8105

  23. Edmund Rice Centre ' Amberley '
  24. Description: A medieval stone and gravel Chartres labyrinth in the grounds of the Retreat Centre.

    Address: 7 Amberley Way, Lower plenty

    Contact Name: Amberley Reception

    Phone: 61 3 8359 0141

  25. Campion Centre of Ignatian Spirituality
  26. Description: This Chartres replica labyrinth has the outer ring pierced by four entrances, three Trinity entrances and one Pilgrim entrance. In the centre is a water and herb / flower circle.

    Address: 99 Studley Park Road, Kew

    Contact Name: Secretary - Campion Centre

    Phone: 61 3 9854 8110

  27. Labyrinth Lane
  28. Description: Labyrinth Lane is a secret garden in Melbourne that takes you to where you'd rather be. We offer experiences and spaces to cultivate deep listening, seasonal pauses, rituals, soundscapes.

    Address: 110 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale

    Contact Name: Tina Christensen

    Phone: 0407 553 386

  29. Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
  30. Description: As you enter the labyrinth, a stone mosaic of the southern cross provides an invitation to walk, the mosaic seats depict the seven Indigenous seasons,assembled by local Primary School students.

    Address: 190 Banksia Street, Heidelberg West

    Contact Name: Steven Wells

    Phone: 61 3 9496 5347

  31. Merri Creek Labyrinth
  32. Description: The first known labyrinth in a Melbourne park,reached on foot by walking north along the the Merri Creek Trail from Wright St. or south from The Esplanade.

    Address: Merri Creek Trail, Clifton Hill

    Contact Name: Steve Martin and James OBrien


  33. St Margaret's Anglican Parish of Eltham.
  34. Description: This labyrinth, outlined in river stones, is laid on a disused entoucas tennis court.Set in a meditation garden of mainly indigenous plants, with shaded seating and a large gathering space.

    Address: 79 Pitt Street, Eltham

    Contact Name: Labyrinth Facilitator

    Phone: 61 3 9439 9238

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