Trail: Adelaide Region

A variety of Labyrinths around town, further North and North East

  1. McLaren Vale Bike Trail
  2. Description: This labyrinth developed as a Community Arts Project, funded through Onkaparinga Council,along Railway Terrace, just past childrens playground,on beside the bike trail.

    Address: Railway Terrace, McLaren Vale

    Contact Name: Cedar Prest

    Phone: 0403 618 938

  3. Blackwood Uniting Church
  4. Description: Labyrinth laid out each week during Community Program 10-12 and 1-2, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact and other details to be confirmed and recent photo to be supplied.

    Address: 266 Main Road, Blackwood

    Contact Name: Rev. Leanne Jenski

    Phone: 61 8 8278 7699

  5. Forestry SA
  6. Description: Labyrinth located on the Sculpture Walk in Bundaleer Forest. Created from forest floor material. See website link below for map and visitor information.Note; Contact details/photo to be confirmed.

    Address: Bundaleer Forest, Jamestown

    Contact Name: Felicity Martin

    Phone: 61 8 8894 2284

  7. Waite Arboretum Labyrinth
  8. Description: The pattern of this Labyrinth was based on an ancient 9 circuit Finnish stone labyrinth.Enter through the Andrewartha Gate into the Rose Garden and the Labyrinth is on the left.

    Address: Claremont Avenue , Netherby Adelaide

    Contact Name: Curator

    Phone: 61 8 8313 7405

  9. Yates Cottage
  10. Description: This labyrinth is located next to the little cottage, on the slope of a hill.Open every Sunday, after 11 and before 3.

    Address: 5 Whitby Street, Melrose

    Contact Name: Alison James

    Phone: 0414 722463

  11. Loreto College - Labyrinth on the Patch
  12. Description: Labyrinth created as an Artist in Schools Project designed by Cedar Prest and Year 8 Art Students under Jackie Hamilton.

    Address: 316 Portrush Road, Marryatville

    Contact Name: Penny Minchin -Deputy Principal

    Phone: 61 8 8334 4200

  13. Northfield Primary School
  14. Description: A contemporary original design with a paved central mosaic. Contact and other details to be confirmed.

    Address: North Street, Northfield

    Contact Name: To be supplied


  15. 7 Circuit classical
  16. Description: This is a third re-construction; the labyrinth has a natural outlook, and has 18 hazelnut trees surrounding it - they represent justice, love and reconciliation in Celtic mythology

    Address: 26 Atlantic Road, Mount Barker

    Contact Name: Peter Bean

    Phone: 0414433755

  17. Barossa Community Labyrinth
  18. Description: Community donations and many volunteers hours helped create this Chartres style labyrinth in the Barossa Bushgardens in Nuriootpa, north east of Adelaide

    Address: 653 Research Road, Nuriootpa

    Contact Name: Carole Schroeder

    Phone: 0417 814 047

  19. Our Lady's Rosary Gardens
  20. Description: A 6 Circuit Medieval Labyrinth located not far from Mt. Barker Hospital. Open 10am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday

    Address: 2 Fidler Lane, Mount Barker

    Contact Name: Sr Patricia Residential Caretaker

    Phone: 08 8391 1471

  21. Santa Rosa Labyrinth
  22. Description: The Santa Rosa Labyrinth passes through eighteen different points of meditation, allowing the user to become subsumed in the contemplative beauty of the gardens at UKARIA Cultural Centre.

    Address: 119 Williams Road, Mount Barker Summit

    Contact Name: Dylan Henderson

    Phone: (08) 8227 1277

  23. Gawler Women's Health Centre Labyrinth
  24. Description: This 7 circuit Classic design Labyrinth was built in collaboration between Gawler Women's Health Centre,Gawler Community Health and the Barossa Community Labyrinth Committee

    Address: 21 Hutchinson Road , Gawler East

    Contact Name: Carol Schroeder

    Phone: 0417 814 047

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