Trail: Brisbane Region

Labyrinths in the Brisbane area

  1. Eagleby Wetlands
  2. Description: The labyrinth forms the stage area of an amphitheatre located in the Wetlands.Access via Wagner Street.

    Address: Wagner St, Eagleby

    Contact Name: Tamara Playne


  3. St.Luke's Anglican Church
  4. Description: The Anglican Parish of Goodna,Anglican Church, Southern Queensland, is the private owner of this labyrinth.

    Address: 40 Reerden Street, Collingwood Park

    Contact Name: Parish Office

    Phone: 61 7 3818 4077

  5. St. John's Anglican Cathedral
  6. Description: The Cathedral is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm every day and visitors are welcome to walk the labyrinth during these times.

    Address: 373 Ann St., Brisbane

    Contact Name: Sue Wilton

    Phone: 61 7 3835 2219

  7. Ecobotanica
  8. Description: This labyrinth is set out in an organic garden and bushland setting and is built from stone on a decomposed granite base, encircled with an orchard and flowers.

    Address: 8 Silverash Court, Capalaba

    Contact Name: Linda and Damien Brennan

    Phone: 61 7 3206 3676

  9. The Brookfield Centre for Christian Spirituality
  10. Description: A 7 Circuit Octagonal Medieval labyrinth nestled amongst perfumed gardens

    Address: 139 Brookfield Road, Kenmore Hills

    Contact Name: Reception

    Phone: 61 7 3878 3348

  11. Underwood Park Labyrinth
  12. Description: The Labyrinth is surrounded by terraced grass areas,sandstone walls, seating,water feature and decking. The Rose Quartz centre piece represents unconditional love, compassion, peace, healing.

    Address: 1006 Underwood Road, Priestdale

    Contact Name: Logan City Council

    Phone: 61 7 3412 3412

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