Trail: Australian Capital Territory and Surrounds

13 Labyrinths in and around the A.C.T. area

  1. 5 Senses - The Mt Ainslie Community Labyrinth
  2. Description: This is a Classic 12 metre bush labyrinth in Mt. Ainslie Nature Reserve.

    Address: Mt Ainslie Nature Reserve, Canberra

    Contact Name: Julie Rickwood

    Phone: 0427 161 728

  3. Gold Creek Labyrinth
  4. Description: This labyrinth is a turf miniature15 circuit Classic design.

    Address: 11 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls

    Contact Name: The Manager

    Phone: 61 2 6230 2490

  5. Gifford Place Labyrinth
  6. Description: Cedar Prest made this labyrinth from available materials on site after a workshop at Rachum Labyrinth Centre. ( refer separate listing )

    Address: Gifford Place, Greenleigh

    Contact Name: Lizzy Smith

    Phone: (02) 6297 3931

  7. Rachum Labyrinth Centre
  8. Description: This labyrinth is located in a natural woodland setting,on the Yass River between Murrumbateman and Gundaroo, about 45 minutes from Canberra.

    Address: 257 Learys Lane, Murrumbateman

    Contact Name: Alison Meretini

    Phone: 0427 575 678

  9. The Silver Wattle Labyrinth
  10. Description: This seven circuit classical labyrinth sits on the bed of Lake George. It is a ruggedly beautiful,serene spot with abundant wildlife.

    Address: 1063 Lake Road, Bungendore

    Contact Name: Catherine Hutchison

    Phone: 0411 638 020

  11. St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church
  12. Description: This labyrinth is located beside Belconnen Way, between the Church and the adjoining Parish School

    Address: 12 Chewings Street, Page

    Contact Name: Secretary

    Phone: 61 2 6254 1827

  13. Clare Holland House ( ACT Hospice )
  14. Description: A contemporary Classic style labyrinth on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

    Address: 5 Menindee Drive, Barton

    Contact Name: Reception

    Phone: 61 2 6264 7300

  15. Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
  16. Description: In the centre of this labyrinth is a very ancient stone slab, over one million years old.

    Address: 15 Blackall Street, Barton

    Contact Name: Reception

    Phone: 61 2 6272 6201

  17. National Arboretum Canberra
  18. Description: The labyrinth is located in the Gallery of Gardens at the Arboretum, located six kilometres from the centre of Canberra, at the western end of Lake Burley Griffin.

    Address: Forest Drive, Weston Creek

    Contact Name: Amelda Keys

    Phone: 0410 514 228

  19. Tumut Community Labyrinth for Peace
  20. Description: A feature of the labyrinth are ancient circular stones which are positioned on the path, to reflect their location in the sky above on Armistice Day, 11th November 1918.

    Address: Elm Drive, Tumut

    Contact Name: Louise Halsey

    Phone: 61 2 6947 3208

  21. St. Clement's Retreat Centre Labyrinth
  22. Description: An 11 circuit Chartres Labyrinth with a unique inlaid stone 13 pointed star circle in the centre

    Address: Kalangan Road, Galong

    Contact Name: Reception

    Phone: 61 2 6380 5222

  23. Christian Community Centre
  24. Description: A 7 Circuit Classic river stones and grass Labyrinth in a public park adjacent to the Centre.

    Address: 231 Phillip Ave.,, Hackett

    Contact Name: Catherine de Danann

    Phone: 0428 587 871

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